About Us:
This blog came into existence in its current form, in the summer of 2006. Earlier it existed as a news aggregator on Indian Business. Early 2006, we brainstormed and came to a conclusion that their were many news aggregators and content reproducers, but not even a single website that could cater to the decision making process of Indian Investors with high quality research  and analysis on Corporate India and its Economy. Since then we follow an internal process [based on Fundamentals, Data and Discipline] before we publish or recommend anything on this blog because it will affect the judgment and investment patterns of thousands of our readers / investors.

Currently the blog has 3 active contributors and number of freelance analysts from Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

Webmaster: Is the founding member of this blog. As the name suggests, he is a Webmaster by profession with multiple Engineering degrees and is passionate about investing [doesn't trade]. Has built a fortune for himself by his small savings that he started way back in his high-school. Not that he hasn't lost any money, but his gains are far far higher than his loss :-) From now on, he will be contributing lightly and will focus on IPO and Mutual Fund sections as the other two contributors have taken up Research activity. Webmaster's piece of Advise,

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Equity will beat almost all the asset classes in the Long Term. Even if you save Rs 500, think of investing in the Indian industry.

Sunil K: Is a business-man by profession. Inherited family business of FMCG and Food Manufacturing. Was deeply influenced by Hindustan Unilever and still holds the stock bought almost two decades ago. His personal portfolio [mostly, equities] is bigger than his family business. Has an unmatched ability to interprett accounts and doesn't believe or get carried away with Dot-Com kind of valuations. Sunil's piece of Advise,

Somebody has to manufacture and produce, not everybody can be an Investor and Venture Capitalist. If you believe in your own business, which can employ at least 2 professionals or can innovate, then without a second thought go for it :-)

Komal M: An analyst by profession has seen the financial world from Dalal Street to Wall Street. Though raised in family business environment, she was always bent upon carving her name of her own in the professional world. She pursued MBA and is now an Analyst who can really rightly weigh the micro and macro parameters to take a right call on the stock, even though her Sr. Fund Manager is the one who usually calls the shots. Her piece of Advise to investors,

Patience is the key to success in Investing. Diversify across sectors in the Indian industry. If you are a small investor, then it will be nice if you parked your funds with professional mutual fund managers.

Should you have any questions, comments or critics, e-mail us - feedback AT dalalstreet dot biz
Last Modified: May-30th 2008